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No Johnny Required: The Seedy World of Phil Collins

Do you like Phil Collins? I don’t mean his music.  I mean sexually. Do your sexual organs become almost painfully engorged at the thought of running your hand across his bald head? If he wrote a song about you, would … Continue reading

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A conversation with Davecat

I first came across Davecat when watching a documentary called “Guys and Dolls”. This documentary explored the world of men who’ve decided to reject traditional romantic ideals, and settle in to a loving relationship with a hyper-realistic sex doll. Abyss … Continue reading

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Steven Richardson wants to buy your eyes

The below is a work of fiction. Back in 2006, I stumbled across one of the most horrifying things I have seen on the internet. It was a message board where people were engaged in the organ trade. In among … Continue reading

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The five albums that have affected my life most profoundly

I thought for my first post I’d write about the five albums that have affected me the most. These might not be the my favourite albums, and they certainly aren’t necessarily the ones I listen to most, but these are … Continue reading

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