A conversation with Davecat

I first came across Davecat when watching a documentary called “Guys and Dolls”. This documentary explored the world of men who’ve decided to reject traditional romantic ideals, and settle in to a loving relationship with a hyper-realistic sex doll.

Abyss Creations, a California based company, began manufacturing “Real Dolls” in 1996.  The silicon skinned, soft to the touch mannequins weren’t originally designed for sex, but Abyss got so many offers of money from desperate men that they decided to devote their operation to the production of the most advanced masturbatory aids the world has ever seen. The dolls are now incredibly popular, despite costing upwards of £3000.

As we all know, “just sex” is a tricky balancing act to pull off, but you’d think it would be easier if your sexual partner has a PVC skeleton. Not so for men like Davecat, who not only fuck these dolls, but live with them as “man and wife”.

Davecat fascinated me. He appeared to be one of the world’s most brilliantly unusual men. His appearance and the fact that his name is “Davecat” is weird enough, and the whole going out with a doll thing was just the icing on the cake. I felt there were a lot of important questions that the documentary left unanswered. I also thought it was funny when he shouted “fuck you!” at his father (who he still lives with) for not understanding his deep and meaningful relationship with a three grand chunk of plastic and metal with a silicone vagina that he has named “Sidore.”

I had to get in touch with Davecat (and his beautiful doll Sidore), and due to the wonders of the internet this proved very easy. I asked him if I could interview him for my blog, and he agreed. He was a pretty nice guy!

So, Davecat, thanks for agreeing to this interview. My first question is concerns the extent of your attachment to your doll Sidore. Do you think that you would risk your life to save her from a fire or something like that?

That’s a really difficult question to answer Ciaran. I would be heartbroken, but I don’t think I would risk my life to save her from a fire. It sounds fantastically callous to say that, but at the end of the day, I could just purchase a new body for her, and we could just pick up where we left off. Ultimately, Sidore is a doll, and that puts her in a rare position; she’s unique, but replaceable. However, when she came into my life the first thing I gave her was an ankh necklace. She always wears it. If a fire were to occur, I’d definitely grab that necklace, as it’s one of the things that differentiate Sidore from being just another Doll.

If Sidore’s body was burned in a fire, would you have a funeral service?

If Sidore was somehow destroyed, I think a funeral service would be more than appropriate. I’d probably have her cremated, and fashion the remains into some sort of charming jewellery. I’d keep some sort of ‘core sample’ to be implemented or sealed into her new body.

Such a piece of jewellery would be indeed be charming! So it would be HER new body then, you wouldn’t get another doll and call it something different, as if it was your 2nd wife?

Well, even if nothing terrible like that happened, Sidore’s body will still need to be replaced one day. Dolls are fairly sturdy, but they are still works of art. Even the most careful of owners still has to deal with repairs now and again. There’s gonna be a point where her body’s going to become irreparable.
Sidore is a combination of the personality I made up for her and a doll with a certain set of attributes – Face 4, Body 2, red lips, fair skin, beauty mark under her left eye, etc – so if something were to happen to her body, I’d order a new one that looked just like the Sidore I know and love, and I’d see if I could have Abyss Creations incorporate a core sample from the previous body. Ultimately, my goal would be to have between six to eight dolls – but the one constant would be Sidore; she’d always be there, and with good reason.

So, hang on, you’d be polygamous with your dolls? Wouldn’t Sidore mind?

Ahaha, well, we’re very liberal.

Clearly. So does that go two ways then? Could Sidore have sex with another man? Can I have a go on her? I like her Davecat. Can you make her like me?

Well….y’know, there’s hygiene issues and…ummm….

Ok, ok. We’ll move on from that.  What about if you and Sidore were going on a romantic get away? Would you get Sidore a seat on the plane next to you? Or would you stuff her in the hold?

As much as I would love to have Sidore sitting beside me on a plane, that’s probably not likely. I imagine getting her through the metal detector alone would be a sitcom episode waiting to happen. She would be stored, like the valuable treasure she is, in the hold. Having her in the passenger area would almost warrant having a film crew with us, because really, how often would that sort of thing take place?

Not nearly often enough, in my opinion.

Hey y’know, maybe Sidore and I could come and visit you in England? According to the complicated back-story I cooked up for her, she was born in Japan, but grew up in Manchester. She’s a filthy northern lass at heart!

My friend Jon is from Manchester. Maybe he’s shagged her. Anyway, while watching the “Guys and Dolls” documentary, one thing that struck me was how happy you are. Many of the men interviewed seemed quite lonely, as if they’d dearly love the companionship of a real woman and were merely making do with a doll, where as you came across as if Sidore is all you’d ever need, and no organic woman could compare to her perfection. Would you agree with that? Or do you think that one day you might possibly meet an organic woman who could take Sidore’s place in your life?

Yeah, I’d agree with you that those guys did seem to be just settling for a doll. I’ll tell you Ciaran, I genuinely love Sidore, but I’d love her more if she was capable of speech and motion.  Robots beat dolls every time.

To be entirely honest, I don’t know if there would ever be an organic woman who could replace Sidore. Her replacing Sidore wouldn’t be an option, and I’m not entirely sure how she’d feel being in a relationship with a doting doll husband.

Honestly, I doubt that there would be an organic woman that could fill Sidore’s shoes, but anything’s possible. I’d be a fool to hold my breath, though. What about you? Would you ever use a synthetic companion?

I’ll be honest with you Davecat, I’m very open-minded, but I think the idea of having sex with a doll just wouldn’t do it for me at all. And as far as companionship goes, if I was ever that lonely I’d just get a cat or something. And never, ever shag it.

Well, I love the sexual side of things. When Sidore came into my life, it was all just sex, sex, sex.


But I see what you mean about companionship. I mean, I’d rather have a fully functioning robot woman. One who can walk and talk.  I mean, look at this video.

Pretty fucking hot is an understatement, am I right?

No Davecat, no you are not.

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8 Responses to A conversation with Davecat

  1. Bobby says:

    Davecat’s cahnged.. He used to be cool.

  2. Seedy says:

    What a wacko.

  3. Anthony green says:

    Bring back davecat really enjoyed documentry hope the do a sequel soon like a catch up maybe Louie theroux can do it that would be good.

  4. cc says:

    da fuck?

  5. Dradd says:

    I will write the first autobiography for Davecat and slowly turn it into the widest known bible.

  6. rzn876 says:

    I’m a perv so I bang one once just to grease the kink wheels but to live with the doll like that- that’s fucked.

  7. Joelle says:

    Very disturbing, what a loser. He needs to find companionship in God not a doll!

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